The company has Rg. 4 Certificate (Factory Operation Permit),
Factory Operation Permit No. 105

which can support customer who demands certificates issued by Department of Industry.

The company started recycling business in 1991 by participating in auction waste materials from industrial factories located around Chonburi Province.

In 1992, the company expanded its business by registration as A.P. Used Materials Trading and operated its business successfully and be well known among general public and its business partners, later it expanded its business and registered as a company called A.P. Recycle Industrial Co., Ltd. on 2 March, 2000 and the total number of employee is 43 persons, the company operates its business continuously which is well known and accepted by local people as well as the company management sees that this business can create employment opportunity both in this locality and others, besides, this business is also creative business which emphasizes general public to understand and being aware of natural preservation, the management provides training to gain knowledge for general public, part of such project has been implemented.